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Rear wiper squirter continually blocking up

bonerp Mar 19, 2013

  1. bonerp

    bonerp Member

    Hi I have an 08 5 door and my rear washer is constantly blocking up like every other day! Using a pin to clear it but assume I've pushed the blockage into it.

    Any ideas how to solve the problem? The jets are brass.
  2. MacrosTheBlack

    MacrosTheBlack Member

    Do a search as I'm sure there's a few threads on this problem that may help.

    But basically you should be able to pull the plastic casing around the squirter and bottom of wiper arm off. Then the jet itself you can just pull off too.
    Check water flows ok with jet off.
    Then leave jet soaking in some WD40 or similar, after that get a thin bit of wire (fuse wires quite good) and push right through jet and give it a good clean out. If really bad get a new jet from Audi.
  3. antbuon

    antbuon New Member

    i had this....for ages kept cleaning it out, then it would block again.......so bought a new plastic part off ebay - less than £7 if i remember right? Never had the problem since. Do a search, should be easy to find
  4. Best84

    Best84 Member

    I had this issue. Got replacement jet for the stealers and shortly after the whole motor failed. After opening up the motor it seemed like the washer fluid was mixing with grease etc in the motor which was in turn blocking the jet.

    In the end i got a new motor with the suffix E part number from belfast audi delivered to my door. Search ebay, belfast audi sell through there and beat my local dealer price.
  5. mmalh0151

    mmalh0151 Member


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