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Rear wiper problems

pint Dec 24, 2011

  1. pint

    pint New Member

    A few days ago my rear wiper started wiping on its own and wouldn't stop whenever I turned them on and off. Also the sprayer was also near non existent. After opening the boot I found water leaking from inside the boot door lid plastics. Eventually i removed the fuse to stop it going off on its own.

    I have just tried taking it apart to find the fault. well after heaving the inside plastic off the inside of the boot door ( with help from the old man as by god that's on there tight!) to discover it very damp inside and it was dripping from here


    I then opened up the metal cover on the unit to find something I was not expecting....



    It's completely clogged up with a greasy mud. What the hell is that and whys it there?

    I cleaned would I could quickly and put it back together as I've run out of day light. Connected everything back up and it starts going off in its own again and then stops at a random location on the widow each time. It's does not work when I push the stalk in the cabin and not does the water jet work.

    I'm guessing a new unit is required?

    Can anyone advise on what's happened here?
  2. mozza1202

    mozza1202 Member

    how did you get the plastic cover of because mine is playing up need to have a look to see if their are any leaks like yours.
  3. pint

    pint New Member

    Unscrew the 2 torx screws on the inside of the boot lid then you need to pull the plastic off the door. You need to pull very hard though as the clips don't want to let go. I had my old man holding onto to the door whilst I pulled down on the plastic.
  4. Minstadave

    Minstadave Member

    It's something stupid to do with the washer fluid line running through the motor, it freezes and begins to leaks, rusts the motor and it dies. Had mine replaced a few months back.
  5. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    Please do a search on rear wiper problems !. I answered this very same subject two days ago !

    The wiper motor is b******d ( buggered !) and can not be repaired unfortunately. Once the actual motor has been penetrated with washer fluid/water there is no way back.

    When you buy a new one make sure it's right because loads on ebay say they are right but aren't !

    You will find all the answers on the other threads !

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