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rear wiper on all the time

fARQUARE Apr 11, 2010


    fARQUARE Member

    Okay, classic case of trying to fix one problem and causing another....

    My rear washer has never worked on my car because the spraying jet was corroded. I finally got round to buying a new jet which meant i could clear the back window. All was well for about a 2 days. Then the rear wipe became very sluggish and not wanting to complete the full sweep.

    After stripping the motor today what has happened is the new jet had not fully engaged with the spraying tube inside the rear wiper mech. As a result every time i sprayed the rear jet water was slowly filling up the wiper gear mechanism and casing.

    I stripped out the motor, cleaned it out and lubed it all up before re-assembling.......

    Now the wiper runs all the time!!!!

    Runs when it's turned on, runs when it's turned off. I'm rubbish with electrics but my guess is i burned out a relay when i had constant power going to the relay but a mechnism full of grease and water. I have remover the fuse (27) and am hoping after a day it fixes its self.

    Any thoughts on what i have done??


    fARQUARE Member

    tried the fuse in again last night - thing is swill sweeping all the time regardless of wiper stalk position.

    Any thoughts?
  3. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    if the park switch was dislodged or broken, the wiper would think its not parked and keep going?

    You sure the brass pipe inside the spindle hasnt snapped? Thats the usual cause for the thing filling up with water.
  4. staggspeed

    staggspeed staggspeed

    Being a lazy person, I would just go to the scrappy and get another motor.

    fARQUARE Member

    no its not the brass pipe thats snapped, it was the spraying jet not being fully engaged with the plastic pipe indide the brass tube.

    I'm going to have a look at it tomorow, it sounds like i've dislodged something inside the wiper mech when i was cleaning/drying out the mechanism.

    I need to clean the abs ringssensors too to try and get rid of the pedal juddering so wish me luck.....
  6. electricracer

    electricracer Member

    sounds like when you stripped the gearbox the contact for the park position is shorted out, if you strip it again have a look at the big plastic gearwheel on one side is the wiper contacts, the park one runs round till it hits the gap, if its full of grease it can short out and carry on running
  7. phoenixv6quattro

    phoenixv6quattro staylowmovefast

    Being an even lazier person(just kidding)just take it off completely and leave it off. A generous amount/application of rain-x will keep the rear window reasonably clean between washes and you can use any kind of round blank off/grommet to keep the hole left in the glass watertight. Don't worry about heavy rain, the rain x takes care of that, the water glides off. I hardly ever used mine and have the time to wash my car every couple of weeks, so I think its a winner. Its not required for MOT, and no more seized motor headaches or leaking washer pipes to worry about....

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