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Rear Wiper Motor-slight variation in part number does the matter?

jnielow Dec 8, 2012

  1. jnielow

    jnielow Member

    Hi I have a T reg A3 99 and the wiper motor is playing up it works but stutters across screen/jet not working either. Had a look this afternoon and the water pipe is still attached but think water has ingressed into the motor and ruined it. The wiper sweeps better when the steering stalk leaver is depressed as though you want the water jet to workon the screen.

    Anyway, looking at replacing motor have found one but the one I found has part number 8L0 955 711B and mine is 8L0 955 711A will this make a difference?. The replacement motor is from an R Reg A3.

    Any pointers welcome


  2. Sean_S3

    Sean_S3 Member

    Ifs its off another A3 then it should be fine. Ive got one off a Mk4 Golf Gti on mine and that fitted ok.
  3. epox

    epox Active Member

    hi just done mine a few hours ago. try twisting the wiper arm a little bit to stop the judder, try both ways but small amounts,

    also try cleaning the jet. pulled mine out and cleaned all working fine. unless it pops out cause it wasnt supposed to be pulled out!!!
    anyway workimg now

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