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Rear wiper issue??

matbomb Aug 29, 2010

  1. matbomb

    matbomb New Member

    I have a 55plate 2.0 TDI 3 door and the rear wiper has stopped working, it would park i random places and now is stuck. If I turn it on I could force it by hand and it will move abit the stop again. I'm pretty sure the motor is toast, so I want to get a new/second hand motor off ebay and not sure on fitment? does anyone know the part number? and does a 4 door A3 motor fit my model?

    Cheers in advance. :thumbsup:
  2. ScottTDI

    ScottTDI Member

    Have you got signs of rust stains around the spindle that passes through glass?
    Have you removed the tailgate inner panel and had a look at the wiper motor gearbox for signs of water?
    My rear wiper just stopped working one day,upon investigation,if found that the rear screen wash had leaked into
    the motors gearbox and siezed it solid.
    The cover plate is easily removed and with some pentrating oil and silicon grease applied, it should come back to life!
    Worth a check before buying a new motor!
  3. Von Maximo

    Von Maximo The Damned

    Yeah, just to reiterate ScottTDI The same thing happened to mine. Screen wash had leaked into the mechanics and seized it. Although I wasn't able to get the wiper motor out because the wiper arm had seized solid I was still able to open it up to un-seize and re-grease and fix the leak.

    Saying that I now have a problem with the wiper arm being looser than a dogs tail! So looks like I will have to try and remove the arm somehow? If anyones got any tips on removing it? I've tried cleaning and soaking in WD-40 but I'm afraid to use brut force when the rear window is involved.
  4. Kev_M5KPL

    Kev_M5KPL Member

    just take her off man lol looks better IMO....

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