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Rear wiper delete

doublem_1 Oct 4, 2011

  1. doublem_1

    doublem_1 Member

    This may have been done before but has anyone done this mod? If so what kind of bung did you use to cover the hole up and what did you do with the pipework? Also, is it a problem come snow time? Some pics would be awesome.
  2. AARON77

    AARON77 Well-Known Member

    I've done this and I used a 25mm rubber grommet and I just bent water hose in half and put a couple tie wraps tightly round it I've had no problems in 3 years
  3. Kaibo

    Kaibo Member

    Hi, I've done this, I think the bung was 1.5", it's deceptively large if you try and buy a bung without measuring :) I bought 3 to get it right. Any decent hardware store should stock them. 2 screws in the handle recess, then the plastic cover inside the boot will pull off, this does take some pulling though. 3 nuts hold the motor on, remember you have to remove the wiper first. Unplug motor and it's screen wash feed, bung that as you see fit, I used a bolt and some silicon to wedge in there.
    Looks a lot better without it in my opinion and I've got to say I haven't missed having it.

    Cheers Kai
  4. coatesy

    coatesy poking badgers with spoons

    i just got my bung from halfords was only a pound or two then put some silicone one it before i pushed it in so no body could stick there finger through it lol also i use this stuff called rain x on the window after iv washed the car it just makes the rain bead up and run straight off.

    with my pipe work i just put a screw in the end of the pipe then sealed it up no leaks or problems

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