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Rear Wiper / Boot / Alarm problem

Jonay Dec 14, 2010

  1. Jonay

    Jonay Member

    Driving down to Glasgow last Thursday - fine. (3hr drive)

    Driving back from Glasgow last Friday - rear wiper worked fine for about an hour (intermittent swipe / rear washer 3xswipe). After that the rear wiper would constantly wipe for about 5mins and stop at a random angle for about a minute before starting again.

    Car sat in the drive fine all evening Friday / Saturday Morning - fine not a sound.

    Saturday afternoon - car haddn't been touched.. I'm in the shower and i hear a beeping ( i thought it was my Mrs' washing machine) goes on for about 15mins before I realise it's my alarm on my car. deactivate it and it appears fine. thought a cat must have jumped on it and set off motion sensor.

    I get in car same afternoon and i notice that the "boot open" warning on my DIS.. i jump out to find it perfectly shut, it hadn't been "popped"/on the catch and so I open it and close again. fine.

    I drop off my Mrs in town and go off to another shop. i comeout shop to find car alarm going off again, i get in and power up.. again the boot open warning is showing on DIS and so again I open and close. (btw the wiper is still going off on it's own thing)

    driving around the boot open warning shows on DIS again.. and then it dissapears after about 3mins.. (i didnt have a chance to stop on the dualer) and reappears.

    so the boot is automatically "opening" (but it's not really as its still firmly shut and isn't even popped) and the rear wiper is now going off without the right hand stalk being pushed back (in the off position) and the car is having to be kept unlocked to prevent the alarm going off when the car decides to "open" the boot itself even when locked (like it did at 0215am!)

    any ideas as to what is wrong? i've had a look at the boot catch and it's fine.. its dry and works fine when I want to open the boot.

    is it a central locking problem or a locallised boot issue?

    FYI the rear washer jets are blocked/bust so i only use the rear wiper to clear spray from rear window.

    could it be water damage? (as the thaw happened overnight on Thursday) and the roads were waterlogged driving back from Glasgow.
  2. flying oyster

    flying oyster flying oyster

    id call ghost busters or have it exercised lol
    on a serious note i have had the same issue with back wiper and have disconnected the fuse till i investigate
  3. Jonay

    Jonay Member

    I might try that to see if I can pin it down to the rear wiper motor being royally fooked and screwing up everything.. where's the fuse for the rear wiper? under the bonnet or on the side of the glovebox? which one?
  4. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    There is a microswitch in the boot lid catch. If this has gone faulty it will keep telling the ecu that the boot is open, stop the wiper and set the alarm off !

    Locate the microswitch, remove the wires from the switch and try again. If the boot warning light comes on then connect the two wires together and try again.

    It sounds like the microswitch has become faulty and needs replacing.
  5. Jonay

    Jonay Member


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