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Rear winscreen Water jet problem

rhubarb4 Apr 14, 2008

  1. rhubarb4

    rhubarb4 Certified Audi nutter Gold Supporter Team Silver Audi S3 quattro

    Hi my rear wiper washer is not working I have took the back panel off and got to the motor it seemed fine no rusting or leaks. I disconnected the hose off the wiper motor and pressed the rear wash stalk but im not getting any water through the hose. Any idea how to fix this or where there could be a blockage, as its quite annoying now not being able to see out the back window. Only washed it sunday.

    Thanks Chris
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    do a search as there's loads of info on here about this problem. The line for the rear washer can fail in a number of different locations, one of them underneath the tupperware sub in the rear left cubbyhole, so check you're not squirting gallons of washer fluid into the rear quarter. They can also split behind the footwell trim on the passenger side. Again you won't notice unless you pull up the carpet. Also in the engine bay itself which is preferable.
  3. tankie2ndrtr

    tankie2ndrtr Member

    Also check under your bonnet above your air filter you will see a square trunk comming up and bending to point back to the rear of your car, To the left of your Left hand Sus point. I will posyt pix shortly, Inside there is the pipe in question with a click together join. I found this was my problem. It has simply come undone, Check under your bonnet when you spray !
  4. rhubarb4

    rhubarb4 Certified Audi nutter Gold Supporter Team Silver Audi S3 quattro

    Hi mate thanks il check that when I get my car back.

    cheers Chris.
  5. btf

    btf New Member

    Mine became disconnected when the dealer fitted a cd auto-changer in the boot.Theres a connection above the left hand wheel arch inside! might be worth checking out?:wtf:
  6. vanilla_ice

    vanilla_ice Member

    Have you checked that the rear jet is clear?


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