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Rear Window

a3 mart Nov 23, 2007

  1. a3 mart

    a3 mart Member

    as most of you know the radio areial is located in the rear screen on the a3 8p but recenlty mine has been causing me problems
    when i put the heated screen on the radio crackles
    i have tried to get it done under warranty but the full warranty expired in july and i only have partial warranty and electrics / wiring are not covered apparently ....
    just wondering if anyone has had the same fault

    but luckly i work in the motor trade and i have had a quote to fit a new rear screen (genuine audi item) for £145 all in
    so its not to bad but im still not happy
  2. tankdriver

    tankdriver New Member

    I have the same problem. It must be caused by the proximity of the aerial to the heating wiring and since my car is an A3 TDI 1.9 Sport the interference can only come from the alternator as there is no ignition circuitry to cause it.
    It is most probably a design fault and a small price to pay for the absence of an erxternal aerial.
  3. Twizzler

    Twizzler Active Member

    I would be really surprised if it was the rear screen itself at fault. Unless everyone else knows different? Noises on radios are usually caused by high impedence joints in the aerial cable. Poor connections caused by tarnishing, cable flexing, broken wires - in particular the copper earth screen etc.
  4. Liam 45

    Liam 45 New Member

    Did any one find a solution to this problem? My 04 A3 has just started doing this.

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