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Rear Wheel Spacing Advice

BlackSportback Mar 21, 2011

  1. BlackSportback

    BlackSportback Member

    I want to space the rear outs but don't want to go mad. I want to bring them to look about the same as how the fronts sit in as standard or maybe a little bit more out.

    Now I am running standard S Line suspension and won't be changing this so can't bring them out too far anyway because I think it will look silly. I basically want to stop the look of the rears sitting in the way they do.

    Now I have looked at smoothies and know he is running 12mm spacers on his. Now I am thinking of running 10's or even 8's.

    Is it worth it?
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2011
  2. Smoothie

    Smoothie Active Member

    Run the 12mm, it's a good issue free setup which is exactly what I was looking as the A3 is my daily! And also I have H&R springs and still not an ounce of rubbing

    Also the weekend will bring with it some new pictures of my car so you can see what you think
  3. BlackSportback

    BlackSportback Member

    Will I need longer bolts with 8mm spacers?

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