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rear washer

pagey Jul 11, 2010

  1. pagey

    pagey Member

    hi all not been on here for a while ,
    but can anyone help me.
    rear washer on my 99 a4 avant has stopped working ,so i took of the pipe that leads to the washer/motor.in the rear hatch and when you press the washers water shoots out .
    so it must be the washer jet tried to clean it but no good .
    so the question is can you buy a new washer jet or do you have to buy the motor and washer asembly complete.
    any help would be great .

    thanks mike
  2. jcb

    jcb Active Member

    you will probably find that the pipe that runs through the spindle has corroded and blocked. unlikely to come as a seperate part but I would imagine if it is pblocked then your motor could probably be suffering from the spastic action mine does when I try to wash the rear window!!

    might be able to replace the centre pipe with something generic, but I didn;t try stripping mine down
  3. pagey

    pagey Member

    might have to visit a scrapy and take my chances

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