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rear washer jet

mikerd4 Dec 30, 2007

  1. mikerd4

    mikerd4 Member

    Well the rear washer jet has stopped working. I thought it was just blocked witha bit of ice on the seriously cold mornings weve been having but it looks like I am wrong. Is it a common fault with an east fix thats known?
  2. klepto

    klepto Member

    Common cause is a hose comming loose, happend to me but I didnt fix it myself, I had the car in for a service and asked to have it fixed, cost me an hours labour mind you.. It wil either be at the front if your lucky or in the boot which I have heard is harder to get too. Good luck!
  3. shuzzy

    shuzzy New Member

    When I bought mine the bidet wasn't working either. Turned out the nozzle jet was all messed up. Just a case of loosening it off pulling it out and inserting the new one.
  4. Stewart

    Stewart Member

    Well documented problem on here if you do a search but as I recall there are 3 possible problems.

    1. Hose split or come off at front of car near or at washer bottle pump.
    2. Most common - Hose split at joining piece where it runs over the rear nearside arch under the sub/amp unit.
    3. copper pipe that routes the water through the rear washer unit siezed then broke or washer jet itself blocked.

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