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Rear wash/wipe issue, how to solve?

cathalferris Jul 20, 2006

  1. cathalferris

    cathalferris A bit slow!!!!

    My rear wash isn't spraying onto the glass, and I'm not entirely sure where to start the troubleshooting.

    The wash motor is making noise when I activate with the wiper stalk, but there isn't any spray. Sometimes I get a drop of water on the nozzles.

    I know with the B5 passat estate there is a little elbow joining at the rear left of the car under where the jack sits on that car, but I can't get access to there without (apparently) ripping up a lot of trim around there.

    What are the locations of hoses that I can trace to see where the blockage is?
    Should I take off the rear door trim first to see?

  2. simonwjones

    simonwjones Member

    try pulling the nozzle out with a small pair of pliers and then try. This will confirm whether the nozzle is blocked or not.

    If not see if there is any sign of water in the right or left compartment in the boot. the pipe must go through that part at some time to enter the rear tailgate.

  3. cathalferris

    cathalferris A bit slow!!!!

    I took off the little cover from the centre of the rear wiper, popped the little nozzle off, and it was *full* of brown slime. I'd say the previous owner never used the rear wash!
    After about 10 minutes of clearing the little holes and washing out the nozzle, and clearing the pipe that feeds it, it works nicely now. Takes a little bit of aiming of the jets to get decent coverage.

    Thanks for the pointer.


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