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Rear tyres wearing on inside edge

sun and kath Jan 19, 2007

  1. sun and kath

    sun and kath Member

    Hi My S4 Avant 1999, is wearing its rear tyres on the inside edges, both sides the same. Any particular bushes /arms that failure of can cause this ?
    Since i bought the car (6months ago) i have suspected the back is a small bit "clonky" when applying power on /off in normal driving. Sometimes after hard accelaration, when easing off, it has on some occasions felt like the back end had "unwinded" . Hard to describe, but perhaps linked to the tyre wear?
  2. cadders

    cadders Member

    Hi not entirely on topic, but when I bought my (second hand) A4 saloon I noticed that the rear tyres were more worn on the inside edge, but still had a few thousand miles left in them.
    The car also suffered from a vibration at speeds over about 80 (ahem, kph). The car went back to the dealers 3 times for wheel balancing, four wheel alignment and to have the steering geometry reset. This seemed to mitigate the vibration but never completely eliminated it. I even took it to a a specialist to have the alignment independently checked ; again no improvement.
    Eventually the time came to replace the rear tyres; instantly the vibration disappeared and the new tyres appear to be wearing evenly.
    I have since learned from a tyre fitter that inside edge wear is much more common on front wheels; I suspect that the previous owner may have swapped the fronts to the the rear resulting in the vibration.

    So basically, before you start delving to deep into the suspension, try renewing the rear tyres (when funds allow) and see if the uneven wear re-appears.
  3. jcb

    jcb Active Member

    or ge a freidnly fitter to swap left and right, so you are worn on outside, cost you pennies and you will have a better crack at diagnosis
  4. mas

    mas Member

    get the alignment checked properly as well.
    One idiot when setting my rear alignment didnt use the fancy kit for 4wd but used the standard little mirror kit used on the front wheels but put it on the back then set the toe -in. except the kit being on the back and facing the wrong way meant he actually set toe out. Duh!
  5. sun and kath

    sun and kath Member

    Took my (s4 b5 avant) car in a couple of weeks ago. He said the rear tracking was at +5mm. He set it ro the correct -2mm.

    Sounds okay given the wear problem,

    Is -2mm the right setting? I am about to go and buy some tyres so he better have fixed the problem!
  6. Stringster

    Stringster Missed gear

    Mentioned 4wd alignment when I had new tyres fitted but was told its not worth it as the rears are not adjustable - ??

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