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Rear trim in a a3

Duk2 Apr 18, 2012

  1. Duk2

    Duk2 New Member

    Hi all, just a quickie how do I get my rear interior cards off? Need to replace the seat belts and speakers, it's a 3dr!
    Any help would b great thanks, Garry
  2. a3dam

    a3dam Member

    When i done mine i found easier to remove the back seat if you got time but to remove the trim.
    The is a strip on the inside of the car
    if remove that one first the rest of the rear panel is held in by clips (3or 4 down door side) so go round and unclip them and then i found best to get a flat end screw driver to pull the trim away from rubber under the window edge to save splitting the panel. Hope this helps a bit

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