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Rear Tarox kit and Brembo GT discs an pads for sale

aidank1981 Oct 28, 2008

  1. aidank1981

    aidank1981 Member

    hey lads/lasses

    sorry know this should be in classifieds but couldnt figure it out! finally got round ta selling my S3 spares as i've just bought a B5 S4...yes i've turned to the dark side!

    anyway i have a rear tarox kit (second hand discs an pads in great nic) with brand new fitting kit direct from tarox (all already on ebay with photo's)

    also have brand new spare discs an pads for the brembo GT kit in original box supplied by AmD when the kit was fitted (not yet on ebay but will be asap, only delay in selling is i duno what they cost me? any help prior to me gettin my reciepts from home an i'll get them on with photo's etc!), discs are 323x28 drilled one piece

    Also have a full set of zenon lights (pre-facelift main+side) bought them thinking my headlights were faulty an finally fixed them!

    for the forum regulars none of the above was fitted to the car when i smashed it! didnt sell potentially accident damaged parts then an wouldnt now ( i do have broken lights from the smash so ballasts etc could be sold)

    anyway thought i'd give you all a heads up!
  2. millwrx

    millwrx Member

    pm sent about lights.
  3. S3_MCD

    S3_MCD Member


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