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Rear Suspension Problem.

Remus656 Nov 21, 2013

  1. Remus656

    Remus656 New Member

    Hi, just found this forum and would appreciate some help.

    I have owned my c5 avant for nearly a year now and during that time it's not caused me any major headaches or cause for concern until now. As you can tell from the pictures I have a problem with my rear wheels and/or suspension. I first became aware of a problem on late Monday night when driving home on dual carriageway. I was doing seventy and listening to the radio when all of a sudden the car hauled itself to the right lane without warning - Foolishly at the time I immediately tugged on the wheel to get it back under control and nearly lost the back end. It really did scare the hell out of me but I soon relaxed and put the incident down to poor weather conditions we where currently having. Anyway, I reduced my speed, turned the radio of and started concentrating a little more - watching out for ice and standing water. It was at that time when things didn't feel right - The car felt odd and I felt odd. It honestly felt like rear had been jacked up and that the car had developed 4 wheel steer!
    I was being propelled sideways down the road. My steering was straight but the back end was all over the place. I had to keep correcting it and there where cars approaching from behind. God knows what they where thinking!

    Fortunately nothing else happened and I got home safely. Didn't really give it another thought and instead put it down to bad weather and the fact that I had 'ASR' on. At the time I wasn't sure if ASR was a 4 wheel safety steer or something LOL - I didn't know!)

    Drove to work the next day. Going through town was fine as was the minor roads but as soon as I joined the bypass and reached cruising speed, the car was all over the place again. I once again had to make many corrections just to keep the car in a straight line! I decided when I get home I would take a good look underneath. It was rather late when I got back and the weather was bad but I managed to take a photo of O/S/R wheel.

    I was rather concerned so the next day I took it to the local tyre garage. Matey took one look at it and advised me to go to the garage to check for suspension damage. He jacked it up anyway and made sure, also checking the wheel for play and everything seemed to be fine. The fitter then went onto say that the problem could lie with the rear bushes. We finished our conversation with me asking if it's safe to drive and he answered yes but to check at the garage.

    What I would like to know is.... (1) Are the rear bushes known to cause this kind of problem (2) Would it be a big job and suitable for an average diyer (3) Could anything else be at fault and lastly (4) is the car safe to drive?!

    Thanks in advance,


  2. ms1083

    ms1083 Member

    If I were you I would take it to a proper garage rather than just tyre fitter and get them to take a look and ideally test drive it at speed.
  3. wesmaster

    wesmaster Member

    I agree, not being funny but a lot of these tyre "specialists" don't know what they are on about. get it on a proper road test and on to a lift to check all suspension components. Ideally if you can get onto a MOT lift that has the ATL shaker plates, put the car on backwards and operate the plates, they show up lots of issues with the weight of the car on the floor.

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