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Rear suspension knock - bad shock top mounts?

Pellick Oct 11, 2012

  1. Pellick

    Pellick New Member

    Hi boys and girls!

    So my 8P keeps up that lovely Audi tradition of suspension knock, in this case it's coming from the rear.
    It sounds like two very rapid knocks, one when the wheel hits the bump and another when the suspension rebounds.

    This is where I need advice from someone experienced: When the car is on jack stands and there's no load on the suspension, I can move the rear wheels up and down with my hands and feel a pretty big play. Is it normal to feel play in a fully extended shock absorber or does this indicate worn shocks or mounts?

    The noise can't be replicated by rocking the car when it's stationary, probably because the suspension can't be rocked hard enough to make the noise.

    Hope this made some sense, thanks! :D

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