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Rear Suspension issue SE - Different ride heights

xirtam Mar 9, 2013

  1. xirtam

    xirtam New Member

    Got an issue with the rear suspension on my SE,

    The car is currently lowered 40mm front and 30mm back, but there is a problem with one the the rear wheels,

    Three of the wheels have a 20mm gap between the top of the wheel and the arch, except on the rear wheel which is opposite the filler cap, it has a 30mm gap.

    It's quite a noticeable difference

    Is there anything I can get a mechanic to do that will lower that one rear wheel to the same as the rest?

    Don't want to use coil-overs

  2. A4_MaJiK

    A4_MaJiK Azeem

    Are you checking them on level ground? Turn the car around by 180' to see if it is the same outcome. Shouldn't really be noticeable difference unless something has been fitted wrong or a component has failed. Get your bushes and shocks checked out. You getting any unusual noises?
  3. xirtam

    xirtam New Member

    Haven't checked from ground level, just between the top of the wheel and the arch.

    I've checked multiple times, so it's not about the ground.

    No unusual noises

    Thanks for the suggestion, it's going to the mechanic this week so I'll get if to give it a check over
  4. madstaff

    madstaff Member

    Always check from the wheel centre to the arch.

    That way slightly differing tyre profiles, tyre pressures, etc, dont affect the measurement.

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