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vw754 Aug 8, 2007

  1. vw754

    vw754 vorsprung Durch Technik

    Hope someone can help,replaced broken coil spring today on my 2001 b6 a4 tdi,it was the rear spring,unfortunatley it was a b#####d! .
    Thing is ive put the spring in,it should sit in a big rubber thing that has stops/grove or what,it sat in the rubber but not actually in the grove,about 1" out,audi mechanic said its ok,it will either move over time and get in the grove or it may never move,but dont worry.....should i worry???????????

    Second and biggest thing is when i did a strip down,there is like a suspension arm on top holding the wheel hub in place,i had to take this off and when i did,i noticed it alters the wheel,camber i think,ive put it all back together now and checked the arm on the other side of the car and roughly lined it up by judgement,checking the otherside of the car and puting the special bolts in exactly the same angle,(basically copied off the other side)

    Is this the one that adjusts the camber on the rear wheels or something else? if so how much will it cost to get it set back up again,or when i take it for tracking /alignment check will they be able to check it?

    Car drive ok anyway.

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