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Rear speakers... are they it worth it?

moosey86 Oct 30, 2009

  1. moosey86

    moosey86 New Member

    Okay then chaps, ive been scouring these forums plenty of times since buying my 1999 Audi S3 2 months ago for many reasons but have never had to post a thread because all the info I need is there to be seen! So I'd just like to say that I'm well impressed with the set up u have.

    So anyway, Im buying myself a new system coz I love having a lovely set up to listen to while cruising around but the thing is Im unsure about one thing.... the rear speakers.

    I have installed a new head unit (Pioneer DEH-P88RSII) with the ipod attatchment, and am now going to invest in the rest of the kit that I need to be truly happy and get the best out of a head unit that is widely recommended to be the dogs knackers.

    Now I went to a specialist to get a quote and they will be installing a custom built 12" sub in the boot along with an amp to power the sub and the front components (morel audio) and a bit of sound deadening for about a grand.

    I told em to run some speaker wires straight from the head unit (to save having to shel out for another amp or buy one with 2 more channels) to the rear speakers to hook em up but they said it wasnt worth it. I've heard a few ppl say its not worth it as well but I just want to know if I do... will the standard speakers in the back do themselves justice with the rest of the system or will I have to upgrade them??

    I like all types of music but like to hammer alot of drum n bass and a lot of 2pac so would an all round clubby feel be better for this, or would the define sound of front components do the job for me?

    I'd also like to add that I like it as loud as poss, but on the other hand would prefer the sound quality to not be compromised.

    I also thought that if I have it there I can always fade the sound to the front if I prefer but that means configuring it all to sound the best without it pumping from the back when I dont want it.

    So lads... rears or no rears????

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Purists will say don't bother with rears, but you might as well get them wired in while they have the car in bits as you can always fade them out.
  3. yargnat

    yargnat A3 3.2 DSG

    Personally, I'd spend more on the front speakers, and skip the rears. IMO, rear speakers are infill only, so I wouldn't waste money on them. But of course it depends on your budget. If the difference was no rear speakers, and "really good front speakers, or rear speakers and good front speakers, I would go with the first option.
  4. sharma

    sharma Member


    I would agree that front speakers are definately more important, however i prefer the sound with half decent rear speakers too. It just balances the sound out overall. And it might be a good idea to turn down the gain on the rears compared to the fronts but once again thats down to you if you have them fitted. You can always play around with the fader settings.

    I have rears, fronts and a sub. For the fronts i have components, for the rears co-axials. I put the fronts on 1/2 gain on the amp and the rears on 1/3 gain. Find a good balance in the sound. I find the rears give me a little more midrange. If you run them off the head unit there will be less power going to them anyway.

    Even cheaper rear speakers are better than the standard ones in there though. Front components and a sub still do an excellent job though and people sitting in the rear are more likely to notice the rear speakers more than you would.

    p.s. im not the biggest expert but im going by what i find sounds good lol.


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