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Rear speaker wiring

JonnyDerv Jan 16, 2014

  1. JonnyDerv

    JonnyDerv Active Member

    Not long fitted a kenwood head unit but the standard speakers are ****e. Had a look fitting them in the door but decided I want bigger ones. Am I right in assuming the ones in the parcel shelf are 6.5"? It's a concert btw.

    To run new wiring from the HU to the parcel shelf, I'd have to take off the lower trim, under the back seat and take the shelf off correct? All of those I have no idea how to do, assuming there are screws for the trims?

    any help appreciated.
  2. tonya4

    tonya4 TDi Powerrrr

    You can fit 6.5s to the rear shelf,youneed to buy/make an adapter though,I used 6mm mdf to fit 17cm pioneers to mine.You are correct about the wiring.I also ued some dynamat to deaden the shelf while it was ou.Te grills are fitted to th shelf,do not try and prise them of!
  3. bgale74

    bgale74 Member

    Looking to replace rear speakers on my b5 FL too as they are crackling and buzzing like mad. Let us know how you get on pls
  4. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    i binned my rears, and fitted a 12" sub instead.

    I've also got a 75w/ch JBL amp feeding the standard front door speakers with a high pass filter set to cut some of the low end away from them (as the sub deals with that). The HPF stops the small speakers distorting as easily.

    Sounds MUCH better, even with the stock front door speakers. Infact, its good enough that the door speakers are staying put.

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