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rear speaker. in an Audi A4

Bradley Jun 3, 2004

  1. Bradley

    Bradley New Member

    I have recently got some new rear back speakers.

    They have a passive crossover and for tweeters and a mid/sub.
    The speaker will fit in the place of the exisiting.

    where should I mount the tweeters??

    The company i bought them off said "in the front dashboard"!!!! There are already the tweeters in the doors.

    Should i mount them in the parcel shelf, (there is 2 holes in the metal that would prob fit perfectly) or in the back pilars just below the lights??

    Which would should better??

    :groovy: :groovy: :groovy:
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    I'd mount them at the top of the rear pillars, where the headlining meets the piller trim. They can be attached with velcro onto the headlining, so no drilling.
  3. Bradley

    Bradley New Member

    do they give a good sound up there,

    could u upload a pic?

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