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rear sline bumper

wiggsy Jun 15, 2009

  1. wiggsy

    wiggsy Active Member Team Sepang Audi S3

    Not a happy bunny!!!

    I managed to reverse my 2009 a3 sline in to a small white concret bollard. was up and out early sat morning and assume i was tired and pulled up at my mates and didnt see the bollard thing, well i thought a respray would do it but audi have inspected it and advised they "recommend" a new bumper as they dont like repairing plastic anymore..... etc

    Anyway its a new car so i will just get the new bumper as i wont it back to norm, so looking to see if there is any interest in a 2009 a3 sline rear bumper in phantom black?? it will need a minor repair (rub down and poss fill) and of course a respray of your choice.

    i live bromley/croydon area.

    **Also abit cheeky but i mentioned that i was doing it cash to obviously not effect my premiums and as it would prob cost the same as my xs and the guy mentioned that he would squeeze it down after the offical estimate goes out coz the bodyshop usually bumos the price for insurance jobs tut tut are they target for repair work or get commision from it seems like he was keen not to lose my business!??!!?


    not sure when it will be available as waiting on the offical cost estimate for the job in the post.

    on a side note
  2. Lee_R

    Lee_R Active Member

    They all do it, insurance companies will pay up in most cases so being economical with the truth earns them lots of extra cash. Its good if your in the bodyshop business, bad for our premiums. I recently had a 3 inch scratch removed from my 3/4 panel through the 3rd partys insurance and the charge was £980. The guy who paitned told me it only took and hour and would have done it on the side for £100 cash.

    Insurance companies are an easy target!

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