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Rear shock noise and fustration!

cj.dub May 22, 2013

  1. cj.dub

    cj.dub Member Team V6 Audi A3 Team Avus Silver

    3.2 quatrro sport. 53 plate

    Hi guys, I beleive to have the 'rubber ball in a plastic bottle' noise coming from my rear shocks. I have had brand new oem shocks fitted today. However the noise still remains. I have now read in a different post that 'modified shocks' were made my audi to fix this problem. Have I just wasted money on brand new unmodifed shocks? Surely post 2005 cars had the modified version, or did the set-up change in 2005? are the shocker part numbers the same for a 53plate and a 07 plate as an example? Please help!
  2. JPK

    JPK Active Member

    Are you sure the noise is from the shocks? Badly worn rear trailing arm bushes can cause all kinds of noises.
  3. Jonathaan

    Jonathaan Quattro

    On top of the damper there is a little nut, if this is to come loose (which it has with mine) it will allow a little float on the damper which nocks when ever i go over a bump. Just a thought,

  4. cj.dub

    cj.dub Member Team V6 Audi A3 Team Avus Silver

    Here is an update.

    yesterday, I removed the shocks completly and drove a couple of miles, the noise remains. Today I am going to remove the coil springs and check for breakage. also I will remove the arb and test drive it without out that.

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