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Rear Rotor issues????

MaSh1Ne Nov 2, 2006

  1. MaSh1Ne

    MaSh1Ne New Member

    Ordered some rear rotors (cross-drilled) from ecs tuning 245mm x 10 mm
    for my 97 audi a4 2.8Q 12v.if im not mistaken thats the right size for my car,
    but when i finished putting them on and tried spinning the back tires by hand
    (E-Brake Down) its spins about 60 to 80 degrees and then stops and i can only
    spin it opposite another 60 to 80 degrees then stops like something is holding
    them from going full360 degrees.The question is why is it doing this and
    why only with my rims on because with no rim on and the rotor with all the
    lugs screwed in spins perfectly fine

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