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Rear passenger side footwell water/rear washer jet (I HAVE SEARCHED)

Brad. Oct 1, 2012

  1. Brad.

    Brad. Member

    I've been searching for the past hour and still haven't found an answer to my problem!

    In the rear passenger footwell, by the outside mat fixing peg thing, right in the corner its damp/wet.
    It's not so much of a pool just very very damp.

    I'm looking for the info on where the rear washer pipe runs through the car, as this also doesn't work; although the pump makes the right noises!

    I've had a look about under the car, around the door etc and i can't find anything else that seems to be wet!

    If i could find out where the rear washer pipe runs, i'm pretty sure it's going to be that!
  2. leach76

    leach76 Member

    The washer pipe runs down the drivers side,is the front damp at all ? as in not coming through the pollen filter area and running through to the back,then there is things like sunroof drains ,lamp seals,door seals,wiring grommets
  3. Brad.

    Brad. Member

    I'll tomorrow morning!
    Go do I see if its coming through the pollen filter etc?

    i can't even see how to get the trim off to get under the carpet!
  4. Grale1

    Grale1 Active Member

    Can't help you with the damp, but I had the same problem regarding the rear washer jet not working, I just took of the plastic top and took the bit where the water comes out and put a pin in the bottom and the top, mine had little bits of dirt or something that was stopping the water coming out,
  5. nevergivup99

    nevergivup99 New Member

    I had a similar problem with my 3 door, water in the boot, around the spare tyre and under the rear seat I was convinced it was the valet in work, using a high pressure cleaner, I checked if the water was entering via the lamp clusters, the rear washer, the petrol filler, even the roof aerial, but by testing and elimination I found it was the rear hatch seal and nothing at all to do with the valet. I replaced the seal, which cost about £35 and it has been as dry as a bone since.
  6. Brad.

    Brad. Member

    Ok, i've finally got round to stripping out the back of the car, and taken some pictures.
    I've located where the water is actually coming in, but can't figure out how its getting there.

    These are the pictures i've got so any help on where its coming from would be mega helpful!

    Bottom of the door, have a feeling this little hole might be something to do with it? Any Ideas?

    Behind the seat and can see where its wet, guessing its running down by the golden nut and into where its pooling, as you can see by the dark patch.

    This is just a picture of the area, its the bottom right where the water is coming in.
  7. Brad.

    Brad. Member

    Right, i've just been out to drive through some puddles too, and its not coming from below.
    So something must be letting it in from above.
  8. grr666

    grr666 Member

    As an Ex Skoda MK1 Fabia owner I have a theory that it is the ancillaries
    carrier behind the doorcard that is leaking. The Fab is notorious for this.
    I've had 2 of 'em and had to re-seal all the doors on both of them.

    If the construction method is the same (since they are both VAG cars) then
    I'd look there first. On the Fabia at least they are designed so that the
    door allows rainwater to literally pass through the door and out of drain
    holes at the bottom and onto the sill. (Stupid design IMO)

    The ancillaries carrier is riveted to the door with a foam tape seal between
    the two pieces. This is what usually fails on the Fabia. It can be replaced
    but it's probably easier to use a thick bead of sealant to stop it rather than drill
    out all the rivets and replace the thing that failed with another just like it.

    Bituminous gutter sealant was the best thing to use on the Fabia as it adheres
    to wet surfaces. Under no circumstances use ordinary silicone sealant, it won't stick
    to wet surfaces or the zinc plating of the door carrier. It must be either Plumbers Gold,
    Shell Tixophalte (My preferred choice since I have a few tubes laying about) or a similar
    bitumen based sealant.

    If you need any more info on the Fabia leaks then check out Briskoda.net as they have
    a few active threads on the subject at the moment what with all this rain lately.
    It has been covered over there at great length, it happens to nearly all Mark 1
    Fabias sooner or later. Assuming the setup is the same with the A3/S3 it may be
    worth having a look over there for more tips and info on the fix.

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