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rear parking sensors

hardytangi Feb 28, 2010

  1. hardytangi

    hardytangi New Member

    hi folks
    i have had the car for a month know and touch wood no problem yet apart from the rear parking sensor don't work.
    when reverse gear is engaged it make the beep noise for a few sec but goes silent even if there is something at the rear.
    The car is Audi:jump: A6 2001 .
  2. oxford_hippo

    oxford_hippo New Member

    Hi - I've got a similar problem - but only intermittent. ( 2002, A6 avant, 1.9Tdi )

    I think a long beep is supposed to be the reversing sensors telling you they have a fault.

    Can anyone suggestion any connectiosn to look for / check that might be causing this?:faint:

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