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Rear lights keep blowing!

Sheikh Mar 27, 2012

  1. Sheikh

    Sheikh Member

    To cut a long story short, the other day my rear left light was showing up on the DIS. So i changed that, then all of a sudden my rear reversing light went this was weird because it had only recently been changed! Also sometimes the DIS tells me the left reversing light is out when it isnt!
    And just now when i opened my cluster i find my P21 bulb has decided to come apart i.e. the metal has detached from the bulb!

    Now i must be doing something wrong here...

    Could someone possible give me the models/numbers of bulbs for the rear left cluster? Because it could be that the wrong bulbs were in there...

    Also forgot to add the rear left light i put in on Sunday has always gone on me again!
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2012
  2. Matt_Storm

    Matt_Storm Member

    I had this issue more so after i fitted Ebach suspension i think the extra vibration did them in - the only way around it was to fit all LED bulbs but you also need a resistor kit to stop the dash bulb fault lights coming on and the brightest Led lights are advisable, mine have been fine now for 2 + years they are a lot quicker response than standard and you get a cool multi rear light strobe show when you first start the car as it does its bulb check ;)
  3. LEW1S.W

    LEW1S.W Member

    mine was doing this too, blowing bulbs or else they just stopped working even tho they had jus been replaced. i ended up replacing both sidelights and brakelights both sides i just bought all new bulbs and put a tiny touch of grease on the connector part of the bulbs
  4. Sheikh

    Sheikh Member

    Just did the same mate, bought all new bulbs for the rear lights. Seems to be working fine now, although only time will tell.

    Could keep blowing due to my rear shocks being knackered.

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