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Rear knocking. Any ideas?

stapo69 Feb 20, 2008

  1. stapo69

    stapo69 All hail the mighty quattro!

    My S4 has developed an annoying knocking noise on the rear passenger side. This is really starting to p@#s me off now, I can't find anything wrong! I'm running FK coilovers, I've replaced all the worn bushes, there's absolutely no movement in the suspension at all, just flew through its MOT, the ARB is perfectly fine, the exhaust isn't catching, there's no worn/shiney marks/dirt rubbed off anywhere, nothing loose in the boot, but still over small bumps/potholes there is something that sounds like its real loose, rattling knockey noise, but at speed/over nice smooth bumps there's nothing. I'm at my whits end, there's nothing left to change that I can find that could be a problem.

    Anyone have any ideas? Anything at all? The only thing that I can think of is a knackered shock, could this cause it? Even though there's no leaks from the damper, the piston still moves nice and slow in and out like I'd expect and there's no sagging. Help!!!!!
  2. robbie5

    robbie5 NEVER ENOUGH

    My rear brake caliper had ceased up which in turn caused a knocking noise.

    I also had this problem at the front – too much movement within the ball joint. Consequently the car failed its MOT test! :sadlike:
  3. S4FWD

    S4FWD New Member

    Hi, did you find what the knocking noise was?? I have the same but only just replaced the shocks in eibach pro street.. help!!

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