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Rear Drivers side sidelight not working, and right number plate bulb out? Help!

coyle Dec 13, 2010

  1. coyle

    coyle From Show... to GO

    Hey guys, fitted my facelift rear lights today, after i got my car back from the bodyshop.

    and the rear right sidelight isn't working, tryed the bulb, and tryed using the old buld holder too, but nothing will get it too work. :(

    dont think it can be a fuse as the front sidelight is working, and i was under the impression front and rear are the same fuse? i checked a few fuses anyway and everything was fine..not sure i checked the correct ones, but i think i did.

    Also the right number plate bulb is out too, dont know if its co-incidence?
    but tryed changing the bulb and still nothing, this one was out earlier, then came back on for abit, now its off again. i took the holder out and there was alot of the green corrosion around.. so i got rid of as much as that as i could but still nothing.

    Can anyone help?! its doing my head in.. dont know what it can be!

    Cheers Jon
  2. coyle

    coyle From Show... to GO

  3. Welly

    Welly VX220 SC Driver :)

    I had the same with one of my rear plate light.

    I had to take the holder literally to pieces to get rid of the corrosion on the connectors. The copper connector rail inside actually is three parts that are held together. When I took mine apart and cleaned it out initially, it didn't help, as I didn't clean to corrosion from underneath the parts where they join.

    Once I took it back apart and got these bits out, all was god once again when it went back together.

    It's difficult to describe, but is quite obvious once you get it out in your hand.

    The rear light, not so sure about. Personally, I would invest in a sharp test light, and pierce that bulb's wire's sheath to see it there is power getting to the bulb. That way you can eliminate fuses, relays etc etc etc.

    Also, if it was working before it went into the bodyshop, I would consider taking it back and getting them to sort it.

    Hope this helps.

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