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Rear Door wiring!??

Dan TheMan Welburn Oct 24, 2012

  1. Right i started with the electric window retrofit today that i posted a thread about a while ago (i know it took me a while to get all i think i need for it), i now have regulators and motors and the door looms, unfortunately i got the looms from a crashed car so one side had been cut, so i decided to cut my existing one so i could use the rubber hinge wiring cover, (not sure of proper term for it) anyhow it started raining, but since ive come in ive put the connectors from old and new side by side and there are a few differences and im wondering how much difference it will make if any, as im not overly clued up on wiring.......

    Here are some pics of old and new,



    Any ideas? i can see a few of the wires are notably thicker, there are 10 wires on old plug but only 8 on the new one?

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