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Rear door module issue when retrofitting illuminated door handles

Tricky1971 May 13, 2013

  1. Tricky1971

    Tricky1971 New Member

    I have a Audi A4 b8 2010 sline avant vin no.WAUZZZ8K9AA133596 and have retro fitted illuminated door handles, warning and puddle lights in all 4 doors and recoded all in vcds. All the fronts doors work fine but the rear door only the handles don't light up on both sides. I was advised by t8ups that some of the modules of the rear maybe need changing and removing the door card I found my modules didn't have pin 3 which the rear door handles are wired to.
    So I checked on topic on audienthusiasts.com on installing ambient lighting controlled door pocket lighting which mentioned about some modules have shaded or half shaded blocks in the position they are in the car on top right corner of module.
    So I purchased 2 modules from eBay.de with the same part number but a different letter at the end and shading in the blocks as required, I installed them and recoded them but still no door handle lights plus I have now lost the puddle and warning lights in rear even tho I coded them in and have no fault codes. These modules have pin 3 required for the handle lights. Not sure what to do as Pns2007
    on this forum said its something to do with the letter at the end of the part number that denotes what the module can do?, and advised looking on Etka but I don't have this info. Can anyone help?
    Original module number 8k0959795C
    Replaced module number 8k0959795E

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