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Rear door card removal (3 door)

Dec Feb 6, 2010

  1. Dec

    Dec Active Member

    Hey all,

    I have been searching on and off over the last couple of weeks but have only been able to find references to the sportbacks.

    I am looking to re-wire my rear speakers as I have changed from the standard head unit and am getting the infamous cracking/interference/underpoweredness in the rear speakers.

    How do you remove the rear door cards to access behind the speaker? I know how the middle trim pops out but could not see any screws etc.. also I do not know how to completely remove the rear seats for better access, so if anyone is able to enlighten me I would be forever grateful!


  2. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Just get your hands behind them & slowly prise them of as they're held on by spring clips & some locator round lugs that also hold it firm by pressing onto plastic studs on the car, some force needed.
  3. Dec

    Dec Active Member

    Ah thanks mate! Will give it a go. Is it possible without getting the rear seats out?
  4. Dec

    Dec Active Member

    All sorted thanks, now just need to sus out what the best way to wire them is!

    Got the rear seats out too :) Bit of hard tugging on the front clips and it pops out then push it back slightly to unhook it from the rear clips

    Last edited: Feb 6, 2010
  5. S38P

    S38P Member

    same problem here :/

    I also need to take out the rear door cards on a 3 door. I dont know how to pop out the middle trim and the rest.
    I made a search but this is all i could find.
    I need some more detailed explanation.

    thanx in advance..
  6. SAiLO

    SAiLO Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Could anyone help and add a more detailed description? Please :blush:
  7. Dec

    Dec Active Member

    Sorry guys, I'd forgotten I'd posted this!

    There literally isn't much more to it other than giving them a tug. I found it easier to remove the rear seat (pull upwards, there's a clip on each side a couple of inches in if I remember) and the trim along the edges of the doors that go through and into the back too.

    Once that's all removed I think you can get your hands underneath the rear card and pull. That's how I did mine anyway, just stiff clips! To get the middle trim out I just a screwdriver with a microfiber over it to protect everything and prised it out enough to pull that out too.

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