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Rear Diffuser Options

B120WNY Jun 16, 2014

  1. B120WNY

    B120WNY Member

    Looking at tidying up the rear bumper with an upt to date smooth one.

    Options being:
    1) Smoothed top section bumper 06-08, with detachable lower section, fitted with the S3 diffuser,
    2) Facelift fully smooth lower bumper with mesh inserts twin diffuser.

    Couple of questions regarding the S3 diffuser.

    Ive seen guys mention early and late S3 bumpers, but all S3's appear to have the detachable lower bumper section, which is a one piece diffuser and painted to suit the car.

    However, I have seen a diffuser section which is not the full one piece lower bumper, but looks like an insert into the later one piece?

    Where is the smaller, single S3 diffuser insert only part from? Id like this one instead of the twin mesh insert!


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