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  1. Jonesymk2

    Jonesymk2 Member

    My s3 feels very twitchywhen going round corners and roundabouts,when you put your foot down it feels a bit twitchy then feels like the rear of the car is coming round on you but still feels as though it's gripping so feels a bit wierd to me but I've never really driven one before so it might be how they're supposed to be,also at low speeds or pulling away with quite a bit of lock on the steering it feels like something is rubbing or a rear wheel is dragging could this be a problem with the haldex system
  2. thegoal007

    thegoal007 Another S3 owner....

  3. Geoff-R

    Geoff-R Member

    By nature the system does 'skip' a little as it were, it's a 4 wheel drive system and believe me the Quattro system is one hell of a smooth 4 wheel drive system. Try a big SUV type 4 wheel drive on full lock, it will feel quite bad. That said, it shouldn't drag as such. I have just had a slight problem develop on mine, I've owned it for 2 years so I know when it feels normal and it doesn't. I've had the car for over 20k miles and noticed I can't find a definite receipt relating a haldex oil and filter change from the previous owner. I've just gone out to TPS and picked up the filter and oil for £46 or so. I'll be replacing it tomorrow after I pick up the diff tool.

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