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Rear cycle carrier - Saris Bones

juddster Apr 26, 2014

  1. juddster

    juddster New Member

    Has anyone any experience of using a Saris Bones rear hatch cycle carrier.
    I'm considering getting one but concerned about the rear top mount boot spoiler.
    I would rather bikes on rear rather than the roof.
    Any suggestions on carrying two bikes gratefully received.
  2. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    I'm looking at one too.

    I had a Halfords Advanced Rear High Mount cycle carrier for last 2 years based on Auto Express Review (Winner), and whilst it's a very flexible product in terms of the vehicles it fits to, there are contact points that touch the rear spoiler and boot lid (base) which cause friction marking. Luckily they came out with Scratch X2.0, but it wasn't like it had extended use (and 2very light sub 23lb bikes on board). I doubt the car did 200 miles in total with rack on.

    The most unnerving bit was the top hangers go over the rear spoiler which isn't metal, and you can see the material flex under load.

    I was tempted by Thule Aero bars but don't fancy bikes on roof (plus it will be prohibitive if I go on ferry to France with bike next year). Hence I was looking at Saris Bones.

    Of the reviews I've seen to date they look very positive, but it's not like you can try before you buy.
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  3. Pintman

    Pintman Active Member

    Try Evans Cycles. I bought a saris bones for my old A3 8P, but as the bikes hid the number plate and lights, I returned it. Think they have a 90 day return policy. May even find that you can try it on the car before buying it as I have seen them trying it on a car outside when visiting the shop.
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  4. Migwire

    Migwire Active Member

    Not sure about the A3 but I had the same problem on my last car (a Focus) and the bones wasn't suitable for that because of the spoiler. The photos look like it'll be okay, but IIRC the straps still come across the top of it and that put me off. Mind, could do what my mate did...... Just hooked it on to the side of the back window instead! Pahaha

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