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Rear bulb holder O/S avant s-line,

John@mk Nov 11, 2012

  1. John@mk

    John@mk Member

    Hi guys,

    Would any one know if you can purchase a new bulb holder or would you have tp buy the lens as well.mine has been giving bulb errors and had a look this morning and the lens had water in it and the actual lamp holders ar rusty.....I have all the lights working apart from the reverse bulb.
    The seal has seen better days....

    Has anyone replaced a lamp / bulb holder recently and could tell how much they were would b a great help.this is on a 2005 avant sline....is the rear lens the same for all cars of the year and modle.

    Help or advise please,

  2. Rheady

    Rheady Member

    Have a look at a breakers yard, should be able to get what you need. Perhaps try and put some Vaseline on the seal to try and stop the moisture getting back in after drying out the lense.
  3. rizzini7

    rizzini7 Active Member VCDS Map User

    Wrapped some ptfe tape around mine

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