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Rear brake work - caliper bracket

todgerino Apr 29, 2011

  1. todgerino

    todgerino New Member

    Sorry for the boring thread question - just need a bit of advice.

    I'm swapping rear discs/pads and servicing calipers. Needed something to do tomorrow to avoid the 10 hours of Royal wedding...Ive already done the fronts a couple of weeks ago which went fine.

    Made a start tonight, but the prob I've got is with the two (tight) caliper bracket mounting bolts - the lower bolt seems tricky to get to - any advice on how to get to it?

    Also if anyone can confirm the hex bolt is 8mm? - feels like it, but wondering why they werent just made 7mm like the fronts, and dont want to round it off.

    Any help much appreciated, as ever
  2. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    They are hex 8mm and its a good ideea to soak them in wd40 for a few days prior attempting to work on. The heads are easy to round off, best to use a long breaker bar and a decent 8mm hex socket from Halfords (the Professional range is exceptionally good and has lifetime guarantee). If you round the head off then you will need a very good long nose pliers (Bahco ones from local B&Q or good plumbing outlets) and with the help of a plumbers torch (good quality Rothenberger one with MAPP gas- this is what i use) they should come out. If you strip the bolts you will have to renew them (about 4 quid each from local dealer)...

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