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Rear brake noise

dragonstyle May 11, 2010

  1. dragonstyle

    dragonstyle Member


    i seem to be having some problem with my rear brakes - well thats where i think the noise is coming from...there is some strange screaching - its not a rubbing noise but it can be heard only when travelling at low speeds, plus the brakes have enuff tread on them which have been on the vehicle since nov.

    can you tell me if anyone else suffers the same problem and is it a brake pad issue?

    i have had copper added to the brake pads and taken the car to kwick fit but they advised that the material that the brakes are made with these days are harsh...now ive never come across many cars with this problem so im not sure if this is only happening with s3s?

    maybe someone can help or is anyone from the birmingham area give me a hand as its really bugging me when driving slowly.
  2. s3dave

    s3dave TFSI Hybrid Supporter

    they used to put a shim in older cars to stop the squeal wont cause any harm just annoying i put copper grease on the backs of my pads and have no noise...
  3. dragonstyle

    dragonstyle Member

    i did the same to mine but its still squealing...im not sure what cause it? the calipers seized?
  4. fgaffney

    fgaffney Member

    I had a ROS calliper seize a few weeks ago. I heard it squeaking whilst in reverse and it seemed to make the noise every wheel rotation. On investigating closer there was a huge amount of heat being generated from the brake disc compared to the other three discs (you could feel the heat radiaiting through the wheel).

    Is your problem brake generating heat? If so the pad will be binding on the disc and the calliper will either need freed or replaced. I had my calliper replaced along with a new set of pads and it's been fine since.

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