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rear aero wiper?

Lukeyb Nov 2, 2008

  1. Lukeyb

    Lukeyb Active Member

    can you get a rear aero wiper that fits the A3? i know that the current polo and octavia have rear aero wipers but am not sure if either would fit properly.
    Anyone know if they do or of one that will?
  2. synthdood

    synthdood Member

    Is the standard rear wiper not an aero? I allways assumed it was, since the front wiper are.

    Now that I think about it, I wouldn't be surprised if the rear wiper isn't an aero. I have never been very happy about the rear wiper. Contrary to the front wipers (which are fantastic, the best I have have ever had on any car!) the rear wiper doesn't wipe very well. The wiper just moves the rain water&dirt back and forth instead of clearing it. I can clear the rear window better than the wiper by shouting 'boo' at it ;-)
  3. Lukeyb

    Lukeyb Active Member

    yea its just a standard rear wiper and it just smears the dirt and water on mine and you get those 3 or 4 lines that dont even get touched.

    Looking more closely at the other 2 i think ive ruled them out, the polo one uses a fixed sprayer but the octavia one uses the same arm mounted sprayer, but the window is much bigger on the skoda so the wiper arm and blade are going to be too long, and a shorter blade might only end up clearing a small area on the A3s much shorter rear screen
  4. Von Maximo

    Von Maximo The Damned

    If my memory serves me correct I'm certain you can buy Aero conversion blades of ebay. Although not sure how well they would work because unlike standard blades, Aero blades work better on flatter screens (Or so I've been informed) and the rear might have too much of a curve

    I've thought of going down this route but decided against as for the amount of times I actually use the rear wiper and the fact it does a perfectly good job as it is, I thought it was a bit of an overkill and extravegance to convert

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