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Rear adjustable tie rods got to mad not to

dre_S3 Feb 22, 2013

  1. Reesy

    Reesy Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Why not just buy Dave's ones. i have them on my A3 and they are fine. Bought them and they were installed, no other hassle.
  2. Squirrelofdoom

    Squirrelofdoom Member

    Reesy: Just wanted to check these out to be honest. I'm mostly buying adjustable tie bars because my camber has always been out. I don't plan to track or push the car too hard so I'm happy to test these out and provide opinions on what they are like. Rest assured if they're **** I will be going to S3Dave :)

    Scott: Yeah, they really should be welded up more thoroughly. I'm going to take them up the workshop to be welded and painted - so might not get around to fitting them tonight; but better to be safe that sorry.
  3. waggawagga

    waggawagga Member

    Short and sweet. I like it. Thanks. My next question is why does an A3 not need them? Still curious as to what they do exactly so if anyone can point me in the direction of some required reading it would be much appreciated. I'm a noob and have lots to learn. :)
  4. Jason.s

    Jason.s Active Member

    You have a beam on the rear end instead of independant suspension like the S3`s. So you have no rear arb, no tie bars. Just a big old beam lol.
  5. [Dave B]

    [Dave B] Daddy

    As above, unless you have an A3 quattro, the exception that proves the rule!
  6. Tooks

    Tooks Active Member

    My set of these just arrived too, and I'm quite impressed on first inspection.

    The welds referred too above are fine for what they do, which is to stop the bolt that goes into the hex part of the rod from rotating loose. I don't believe they add anything to the strength, as the bolt head takes the load against the mounting bracket, although a 100% weld would have been better from a water ingress point of view. I might spray a bit of stone chip on that bit once fitted.

    Mine were lovingly wrapped in lightly oiled cling film, so no surface rust at all.

    I shall fit them later in the week, I've got a digital pitch gauge so should be able to get the rear wheel camber reasonably right, and certainly better than it is now!

    What should the rear camber setting be, anybody know?
  7. Jason.s

    Jason.s Active Member

    I've had mine fitted for the last month and they`ve been fine so far. Mine were in decent condition when mine arrived. I ordered them through DPM on ebay.

    I set mine roughly to what the standard bar length was and checked it via the spirit level app on the iphone and it came in at 0.9 both sides. Its getting aligned on friday once my coilovers are fitted so i`ll probably go to 1.0 on the rear and 1.5 on the front or however much the standard adjustment gives.
  8. Squirrelofdoom

    Squirrelofdoom Member

    Ok, well, welded mine up just to be sure :) I agree with you Tooks that the end is only to stop the bolt moving, but hey, why not go the whole hog? Also got the inside welded up a bit because to be honest I didn't like how the flanges were done! Also noticed that one of the threads on mine wasn't formed fully and so the nut is a little loose - nothing dangerous, but just an indicator that the quality isn't reaaally the best around :)

    Anyway, pictures below. Didn't have any stainless rod, so I will need to polish and paint these later today!

    IMAG0882.jpg IMAG0885.jpg
  9. James TQ

    James TQ Member

    so P1ssed!! iv been keeping an eye out for a set and now they have none left!
  10. s3clarke

    s3clarke Money grabbing s3!

    Yea I noticed the ebay seller hasn't got them listed anymore :(
  11. .Ben.

    .Ben. Member

    Tried contacting them directly? I might be interested if they get more in...
  12. s3clarke

    s3clarke Money grabbing s3!

    I haven't yet as it'll be a couple of weeks until I have a set, but i'd be interested to know if they are being continued..
  13. dre_S3

    dre_S3 Member

    I may have a set for sale as I'm not getting mine till Friday now as the stupid f***ing courier messed up but my car is booked in tomo for my rear trailing arm bushes rear rose bushes r32 arb and a 4 wheel hunter alighment, I have a set of brand new tie bars here and 1 set has the super pro camber adjust bushes in so once i get them fitted Tomo with all the bushes and checked out if my camber is not bad i will be selling them so will let you know
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  14. g60leigh

    g60leigh Well-Known Member

    Had mine fitted yesterday.
    Sorry no pics as due to a bad back I've wussed out and got a garage to fit them.

    Only complication was the mounting of the headlight adjuster. Such was sorted by adding some plastic packing.

    Opinion so far:
    Garage reports that it was a nice simple install
    Driving feels fine and camber definitely improved. Still need pro set up but can feel the improvement.
  15. S3Zek

    S3Zek Member


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