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really really curious about getting the a4 1.8tq

imported_frankyslogin2 Sep 8, 2004

  1. okay so here's the deal... i'm 18, im in college, and i work, and i bought my first car with my very own money.
    i live in los angeles and i own a 1995 nissan maxima...
    its 3.5l v6 220hp, leather seats, rwd with soo much torque, heated seats, regular a/c (no climate control)... i love how it drives and i love the interior, but i hate how it looks on the exterior.
    see i got it for cheap because the dealer i was buying it from had been vandalized. the car has a dent on the roof, a dent on the top of the trunk, and its been keyed aaall over the sides.
    so i want to get rid of it.
    i am really really liking the a4 1.8tq.
    first of all, i loove how it looks, inside and out, and i like that it has turbo thats really useful to me because of how i drive haha.
    i have enough money to buy one (im looking at 98s maybe a 99) but i do not have money to buy something thats full of problems..

    here are my questions, if anyone can answer a few here and there i would really really appreciate it:

    one - my brother's friend is a certified bmw/porsche mechanic, and he says since the audi q are awd, they have more parts, and that always causes problems..

    two - as far as electrical stuff goes, whats the biggest problems? whats the most frequent problems? ie. climate control? sensors? windows?

    three - how much does replacing things come up to? such as brakes? window regulators? starters? alternators? random stuff like that? i assume its expensive because its a german car.. so this is a very big concern for me.

    four - what do i look for problem wise or reliability wise in something with 60k to 90k miles on it? what do i look for in something thats over 100k miles?

    five - how much hp does this little thing have? i heard its around 150? can i go from a rear wheel drive 220hp car to something so weak? or does the car's weight balance it all out? in other words... how hard does this car knock you back into your own seat? whats its 0 to 60? will it stress the engine? i have gone 110 on the freeway and the engine stays very calm, can this car take that when i need it to?

    six - how do i know what a good turbo is supposed to sound/feel like when i test drive? how do i know if something is wrong or if its on its way out? and how much does repair to the turbo feature cost? i will get a turbo timer if i do buy an audi because i want to ensure that i use the turbo in the most efficient way.

    seven - hows the suspension? my nissan maxima has never even squeeked, it only did it one time and that was when i made a right turn from 3 lanes away and cut off 2 big rigs.. that was a very sharp turn at a high speed, and all it did was squeek.. however, the car leans and sways to the side for any small turn.. how does the audi compare?

    i guess thats it..
    please if you have any insightful answers to my questions, as well as additional advice that maybe i didn't cover in my questions.. add it too.

    this is what im checking out right now... all are fully loaded
    1998 a4 1.8tq manual trans. & sports pkg. with 89k miles for $8500
    1999 a4 2wd, 4cyl (dont know how many liters) automatic w/ tiptronic, with 80k miles for $8500
    1997 a4 1.8tq auto with tiptronic, 85k miles, $8000

    basically this my ideal one that i know i can find on ebay for around the same/maybe less than $8500..
    1998 a4 1.8tq fully loaded with tiptronic, and anything under 85k miles..
    i am going to be paying for this car cash, so slice a little money off what the people are asking for because they'll give up a little money if i am willing to pay it all cash.

    thanks a lot for your help, i will be checking this thread often..
  2. Mutinyno9

    Mutinyno9 Member

    one- for having more parts, the AWD is not a problem with the A4's. I have been around the forums(and numerous others) and i have not really heard of any type of problems with the AWD. I myself have not had a problem with my AWD system. Only problem is that you can't take it to a local "Les Schwabs" to get an alignment, you have to take it to a place that does AWD alignments. But that is a minor thing.

    two- The main electricle problems seem to be coming from the sensors. Not much and surly not continueally common, but yes, its the sensors. A few problems are the Fuel sensor(just shorts fairly easy and will cuse your gas guage to go kinda funky) There is a DIY on AudiWord.com on how to fix it. Other than that, nothing too major.

    three- As for repairs, when you are buying a German car, repairs are going tobe a bit more pricy compaired to a japanese. FOr the brakes, if you do them yourself, they will run you about $300, but other places can charge you upwards of $900. for all 4. Not sure about windows as they don't seem to be a problem. Most engine parts don't ahve problems cause German cars are build very though.

    four- Around 60k, the Timing Belt should me changed. You also might want to check out the control arms, cause they need to be replaced about every 30-40k miles.

    five- the 1.8T comes comes with 150hp(2001 comes with 170). To get back to the 200hp range, for about $500 you can get a chip that will give you the hp you want. The AWD is much more fun than a RWD car, trust me. I used to ahve a MR2 and it was fun, but not nearly as fun as the AWD. I'm not sure i wil want to go back to a two wheel drive car. Like most German made cars, they are made for the autobahn, and speed in deed is what it is. The 110 in your maxima is fine and all, but try a constant 145 for about 5 miles and pure silence and no vibrations.

    six- Because the turbo in the 1.8T is somewhat small, the turbo(unless chipped) will most likely not be heard. Most of the 1.8's turbos don't kick untill like 150k+ miles unless improperly taken care of. If you plan on replacing the stock turbo witha similar KKK03(stock turbo), then around $200, but like most people, just get a turbo upgrade (KKK04). As for stock turbo, i would say its not needed, but once you add more stress to the engine/turbo, theni would say you need one.

    seven- As long as your control arms are in good shape, you will not hear any squeeking, but once they go bad, then the squeeking begins.

    a 4cyl is a 1.8L a V6 is a 2.8L. I'm not sure what exactly you are looking for as for car wise, but you will always have more fun with a manual. As tip/auto can't don't hold up to higher hp. Again i'm not sure if you are looking for a AWD or FWD, but youwill have more fun with an AWD. As far as Ebay, i personally would get it checked out by a mech. before purchase. Letme know if you ahve any other questions,
  3. i am also getting an a4. is the 01 worth getting because of the 20 extra horse??

    my biggest two options are:

    1999 silver a4 1.8t quattro 5 speed black interior with 75k for 10,400.

    2001 black a4 1.8t quattro 5 speed black interior with 83k for 12,500 ( maybe still negotiable )

    they are both pretty clean, i think they both have the "sport package" because they have the 3 spoke steering wheel. the silver one is in a little better condition because the black one was a company car. i am a little bit skeptical on the silver one because it is at a shady type used car dealer and it seems to wanna pull to the left when driving it, (coulda been the road) and the black one is at a VW dealer and was bought from an audi auction and checked over by the mechs and things were replaced.

    what do you think?

  4. thanks a lot audi a4 quattro, that was a big help...
    i posted the same topic at audiworld.com and they advised against getting the audi because it would be too much problems for someone my age since i hardly have any time for anything..
    i don't know how to do brakes, but is it any different than in other cars?
    if its not, then i can definitely learn from my brother..
    anyway, what do you suggest an 18 yr old in college and work to do? keep a reliable, powerful, but other wise bad car? or go for something sporty, sleek and well made?

    im thinking of buying the car in or around december, so i'll have enough money by then, but should i spend it on the car? or save up for school?
    i guess what im saying is, is this car really worth my hard earned money at this point in my life? it LOOKS like it is.. but i want the opinion of someone who owns it already
  5. K212

    K212 Member


    I'd say get the black A4, you may be able to get it for 12K and for the extra 20 horses and the better body style it is worth it.

    Is the sport model always determined by the 3 spoke steering wheel? I have that too but I don't have the sport model.
  6. Mutinyno9

    Mutinyno9 Member

    the 20 extra hp is going to make the 01 faster but once they are both chipped they are about equal.

    About the body styling K212, the 99 that Midwesta is looking at might be a 99.5 and have the same body style as the 01, so it really won't make a difference.

    As far as sports package, the sports package comes with 3 options,
    1) 3 spoke Steering wheel
    2) Sport seats
    3) Sports suspension (5/9 in. lower than stock)

    You can have 1 and/or 2 without having 3 so that is no way of telling if it has a sports suspension. To answer your question K212, No, the 3 spke steering wheel is not. I have the sport wheel and seats but not suspension, and i do not have the sports package.

    Well Midwesta, if you do end up going with the 99, you might want to get it checked out from a independant mech. just so you won't get screwed on the deal. And on that note, is the 99 a 99 or a 99.5? A 99 does not have projector headlights, doesn't have round OEM foglights, the words "A4" "quattro" and "1.8T" are not on the middle of the trunk rather towards the top, and windshield sprayers are on the hood rather than under? I would also get the alignment checked out also, could just be a low tire, control arms, etc. For the 01 that is a good car too, and i would also get it checked out by a independent mech.

  7. Mutinyno9

    Mutinyno9 Member

    this post is for you Franky,

    For the brakes, theya re pretty usual as for as brakes go, only thing that is different, are the tools. You will find out that you don't have most or any of the tools that you will need, but once you do they will pretty much be the tools you will need for everything. If you do end up going with an A4, send me a PM or you can AIM me at mutinyno9 and i will help you out with that. The first rotor will always be the hardest, but once you get one done, the other will take about 5 mins.

    In all honesty, Audi's are not cheap cars by any means, and if you do not keep her happy, she will bite you in the ass. Are you looking for a car to drive to school and work? Do you have to pay for Insurance?

    I was in the same boat you were in about car, school, and work, and i went with the car. I never regretted it and to this day still won't. But thats just me. Here is what i would say, if you are going to work and save up till december just to buy the car and then be broke, i would say don't buy the car. Like any German car, i would make sure that you have the money for the car and to also have some money saved up for random repair jobs. I wouldn't want you to get the car and then not be able to have a car for a while because you can't afford to get it repaired. If you are going to be ok with finances after you buy the car, the i would say go for it.

    I'm not trying to say this to push your decision and have you buy the car, but the A4 is a sexy beast. Chic's love the A4 and get wet just looking at it. Its a definite babe magnet.

    I hope this helps everyone
  8. it is a 99, the silver one, here are some pics, and some info on it
  9. Mutinyno9

    Mutinyno9 Member

    yeah that is a 99.5 aka the post "facelift" Due to the projector headlights and such. Nice car, but i would still get it checked out by a mech.
  10. K212

    K212 Member

    Yep thats the 1999.5 model. Nice body.

    [ QUOTE ]
    Audi_A4_Quattro said:
    the A4 is a sexy beast. Chic's love the A4 and get wet just looking at it. Its a definite babe magnet.

    [/ QUOTE ] /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/1luvu.gif

    Awesome. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh_roll.gif
  11. thanks a lot man.. i really want this car it looks like a beast and a half. i love all the options they have, but i don't know if i can trust them.. how much are control arm repairs?
    if i do buy this car, it'll be perfect.
    i'll make sure every part that needs to be repaired at the certain mileage has been taken care of, and that everything is absolutely perfect.. i don't like the car i have now because i bought it with a few problems, i treat it very very well but the body of it is just a big headache to me.
    when i say i'll save up till dec. for it, im saying i wont buy the car unless i have 3000 bucks left over after i buy it..
    i'm also considering the 2.8 quattro, but i rather have the 1.8 cause of gas.. and turbo is fun haha

    thanks for all the help everyone
  12. Mutinyno9

    Mutinyno9 Member

    once again the control arm repair depends on if you are going to DIY or not. If you do, all you have to pay for is parts, mechine press, but if you take it somewhere to do it, then price could be anywhere like more than $300+. If you have time, and money to DIY, thats what i would recommend. You will save money in the long run. But the only problem with that is your car might be out of commision for a while till ite fixed

    If you are not going to mod your car at all, i would go with the 2.8, but if you are looking for a more moddable car, the 1.8 is the way to go.

    Good for you for saving extra money.

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