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really need some advice

lahive Sep 29, 2004

  1. lahive

    lahive New Member

    Hi, I have an A4 (1995) and recently I had a problem with an oil leak which coincided with the engine making an awful high-pitched noise when I slowed and changed to a lower gear. The leak was fixed and all seemed OK but 24 hours later the noise was back. I took it back to the mechanic - he drove it and there was no noise. The next day the noise is back again and this time I really notice it when I'm turning the steering wheel. Has anyone had a similar experience? I'd welcome any feedback.
  2. dann959

    dann959 Member

    Yes, I had an oil filter burst on me last winter, It was not the oem replacement which I believe is a mann filter. I was using a purolator the ones you get at strauss auto anyway it busted and was leaking oil arond the seal like no tommorow, thing is I must have been driving with less than a quart of oil for almost a day becauseI noticed the puddle in my driveway when I came home. During that day I noticed the high pitched noise. It wasn't super loud though. only someone in tune with audi noises would notice. But the car definately had choppy downshifts. Anyway I got a mann filter and some mobil one 0w40 and the noise wen t away, no major engine or transmission problems since. I'm not sure if our problems are a match. where were you leaking oil?

    My recomendation though is to check aroun the seal of your oil filter for leakage and check to make sure if your filter is oem. Check your oil everyday. if your filters leaking and its not oem, get a oem (mann filter) and do another oil change.

    As far as the noise from the steering wheel check your power steering fluid. and your backing plates for the rotors. The rotors could be scraping the plates when you make a turn.
  3. darrenp

    darrenp Member

    My car was making noises first thing in the morning reversing out of the drive way and putting on the lock and then for maybe the next 2 junctions - my power steering fluid needed topped up - sorted the problem there and then and havent had it since!

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