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Re-Spray Done!!..next stop Bi-Xenons!!

Youngman Feb 14, 2009

  1. Youngman

    Youngman New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I picked up my car today at 3.30pm. There it was parked at a diagonal angle to the parking bay outside the bodyshop...it looked brand new.

    I jumped out of the car (mum's car as she gave me a lift) and went over to inspeact the paintwork. Now, i was expecting a few little errors...lets face it- i paid £400 for a total- Roof, luggage rails, front pillars, both 3 quarters, complete rear end including boot and bumper repray- thats a lot of prepping, priming and painting!!

    I used to spray Toyota's on the production line at their factory- so naturally i know the art behind a good paint job and working on quality control there too- i know mistakes when i see them...

    So i'm looking over the paintwork like a blind man looking for a door handle and i tell you now- there is not one mistake, no heavy base coat, no clear coat run- absolutely fantastic job!! I was so happy i tipped him £60 quid- in hindsite- that was too much, way too much!! lol (I will post photo's tomorrow- proper class)

    I am so excited now about oing the whole car up to S3 spec. I also forgot to mention- i left all the badges off the rear and man it loooooks goooooood!!

    SO, need to get these lights sorted- Nigel i think i will have them parts off u please mate- what ther parts will i need?? This Bi-Xenon jobbie is gonna cost me more than the paint job..ha ha!! Needs must though hey!

    Keep ur eyes peeled for these Bi-Xenons guys!

    Also, as soon as i find an S3 rear bumper i will have my freshly sprayed S-line bumper for sale if anyone wants it!
  2. reptor245

    reptor245 Active Member


    £400 for all that? were was that from and do u have pics?
  3. bl_1969

    bl_1969 Roads? We Dont Need Roads!!!!

    Yeah.... any pics? :icon_thumright:

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