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Re map time anyone had any dealing with darkside developments and couple of other Q..

chris22b Oct 2, 2013

  1. chris22b

    chris22b New Member

    As it says im now lloking at a remap on my 2006 3.0tdi avant the power is great but peaks then tails off torque seems to drop off too
    ive been building and racing cars for years but the tuning diesel thing is all new to me lol...

    im looking at going for full decat and turbo kit with assosiated mapping
    darkside a close to me as i live in bansley .

    ill stick up some pix as its just had its 20x9 rs6 alloys fitted just need lowering and some porsche brakes but on 255 35 20 theres not much room left.

  2. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    If you have the gtb2260vk fitted on the car then there are many options including a few hybrids with larger compressor wheels and even fully upgraded turbos with larger turbine and billet compressor wheels able to push enough air for over 400Bhp !1
    If you have the bv50 then there are not many options but going hybrid- ask Ryan or Scott for advice ! There are bigger wheels that can go in the bv50 housing with a little machining ! They also do a tasty de-cat pipe to make the most of the upgrades !
  3. chris22b

    chris22b New Member

    well hopefully im going to call and see them and go from there 400bhp would be nice . my old road car made 576bhp so i know the tdi will make more torque with better economy ...

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