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Re: Fitting RS6 Parts To My A6 4.2 Quattro

WayneUK Oct 18, 2004

  1. WayneUK

    WayneUK New Member

    Hi....please can anyone tell me if the body panels (namely back bumper & valance) from an RS6 will fit my A6 4.2 Quattro ? Also after installing the RS6 exhaust system, I understand that the RS6 system has larger diameter connector pipe etc but this shouldn't be too much of an engineering problem ??? Last famous words DOH !!
    Look forward to any info
    WayneUK :groovy:
  2. daz944

    daz944 New Member

    I have been told that the RS6 bumpers will NOT fit the A6 4.2, although the arches look VERY similar in size, they are apparently different. So will not fit unless mods are performed. The parts that do fit are the bonnet grill (the RS6 catch is needed as well tho), the boot spoiler, and the wheels.
    If you don't know them try www.VAGPARTS.COM they do all the bits & pieces & if there is anything you want that isn't listed on the site then give them a call & they'll do their best to help. Cheaper than AUDI main dealers as well!!! And YES they are original parts still.

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