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  1. L7AUDI

    L7AUDI Member

    right no more umming and ahhhing, I'm keeping my car and treating it to some TLC ;)

    Things on the list;

    New paint
    Audi A8 Phat 5's (purchased)
    New interior (nearly purchased)
    New interior ally or cf inlay strips
    Cupra front splitter
    Oh yeah and some mudflaps so after the paint I can keep it clean :busted_cop:

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a good guide for removing interior trim without trashing it, or even any handy tools to help.
    Cheese Darren
  2. Pabs

    Pabs Active Member

    Get the Haynes manual, best thing for taking out interior trim, i have just swapped my grey leather seats, grey centre console and all lower plastic trims for custom Black and Red Leather, Black Centre console and black Trims.

    Everything has to be done in a certain order as there are hidden fixings everywhere, its the best £15 you can spend
  3. Greeny233

    Greeny233 It's all about the V8. Team V8 Team Silver Audi S4 Audi Avant Owner Group

    The inlay strips are pretty easy, the door ones just pull off, just need to pull them from the front edge first and they will just pop off. The big dash strip is bolted on in few places but not to difficult, take the end cap off the passenger end of the dash, one 10mm bolt head there, then 2 more under the trim above the stereo, top part of console just needs prying off and there is one bolt just to the left of the steering column, the trim under the dash just needs pulling down to get to that one. The last inlay around the light switch is a little awkward as you have to push the switch out to get to the bolt.
  4. L7AUDI

    L7AUDI Member

    thanks for that, I've just bought haynes manual of ebay, was thinking of painting the chrome window surrounds matt black as well but think it might be best to buy some black trim...:unsure:

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