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Re calibrate fuel range on DIS

James333 Apr 19, 2012

  1. James333

    James333 Member

    Hi, I have spent hours looking for the info I read a few months ago but cant find it anywhere!!

    I remember reading that it is possible to re calibrate the remaining fuel/miles range on my DIS for my 2001 S3 (AMK)

    I know that there is a block that I can access and change the figures to make it read correctly. What happened was.....

    I sent my cluster off to have a new DIS fitted, it was returned a few days later and re fitted (the ignition wasn't turned on etc in the meantime).

    After getting to '0 miles' reading a few times in recent weeks, I got into trouble when I ran out of fuel with the DIS saying I still had 25 miles in the tank. Can anyone help me find the right block?

    Many thanks for any input, James

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