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Re Atp Turbo Garrett 400 - 800 hp kit.

imported_itolson Jun 22, 2005

  1. imported_itolson

    imported_itolson Guest

  2. auroan

    auroan Active Member

    hmmm don't know much about the internals of the 2.7T but surely if your gonna up the grunt to near 800bhp from a turbo upgrade you'll need to uprate the block internals and increase injector sizes etc ?
  3. dummi

    dummi smoking a6

    absolutely if your above 500hp it is recommended internals, and of course injectors, clutch, intake, intercoolers, just about everything
  4. imported_itolson

    imported_itolson Guest

    But even if you limit the boost to 450 hp the spool time and lag issues of the kkk series inc the K04 is dramatically reduced....

    you do not have to go for the bigger bigger turbo's the gt28rs would sufffice instead of the gt42rs.....

    after all the kits atp are selling are alot more cost effective then the 6k apr k04 conversion.

    A new clutch would be a good replacement anyhoo as the engine has to be removed to get a good install..

    The k03's will pack in eventually anyway so i may as well bite the bullet now and get them upgraded to the ball bearing garretts.

    I will have to wait to see what kits atp come out with as the kits got from 400 - 800 hp.......

    i would be happy with 450hp.......

    although saying that 315 seems quite enough for now,, but as most people say you get used to the extra ponies and lust for more......

    where do you stop apart fro the cemetary.......

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